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Design Principles and Branding:

A natural color palette was employed to mirror the natural ingredients used in New Leaf Goods' products and the region of their origin. The "new leaf" branding inspired visuals of sunrises, fresh foliage, and positive emotions, reinforcing the idea of a fresh start. Embracing white space contributed to a clean and fresh feel, aligning with the products' essence.

Challenges and Solutions:

Creating a shop-like browsing experience without an actual cart was a challenge. I successfully removed the standard "add to cart" button, aligning with the client's preference for customers to contact her directly. Custom CSS came to the rescue again when adding a button to the dropdown menu of the navbar, a feature not available in WordPress or Elementor by default.

Photography and Client Feedback:

Photographing the products posed a challenge due to the lack of professional images initially. However, after much effort, I managed to capture and edit appealing images that now populate the shop page. The client has reported positive interactions, with customers reaching out through the website and regulars exploring new products.

Client Testimonial:

"I had no idea where to start with building a website for my business. Haley walked me through each step and gave me different ideas and examples to choose from. I was impressed with how professional it turned out and how nice the flow is through the site. All the information I want accessible to my customers is easily found on the new website!"

Lessons Learned:

This project proved instrumental in my growth, particularly in honing design aesthetics and mastering Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for creating professional product images.

Visit the Live Site:

Experience the New Leaf Goods website at

Looking Ahead:

I had the privilege of spearheading the creation of the initial website for New Leaf Goods, a company specializing in homemade goods such as soaps, lotions, candles, and more. As the designer, developer, and project manager, I navigated the project from its conceptualization to its live implementation.

Project Overview:

New Leaf Goods needed a website that showcased its products without functioning as an online store. The goal was to present purchase options visually, guiding visitors to explore the offerings and subsequently contact the client for direct purchases.

Role and Responsibilities:

In this multifaceted role, I wore hats as both the designer and developer, managing the project end-to-end. Utilizing Figma, I crafted wireframes and initial designs, while the development phase took place in WordPress using Elementor. Custom CSS was employed to seamlessly integrate a contact button into the mobile dropdown of the navbar.

If you are considering a website for goods or services, I bring proficiency in various platforms beyond WordPress, including Shopify, Showit, and Webflow, each offering unique ways to host and showcase your offerings. Let's collaborate on bringing your vision to life!

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