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Design Principles and Branding:

Embracing classic, neutral tones and an elegant aesthetic, I utilized Jeannine's own captivating photos as the primary visual elements. High-quality full-screen images in the hero section set the tone, conveying emotion, elegance, and uniqueness. Consistency prevailed as this style permeated through various pages, enhancing the overall visual impact.

Navigation and Contact Form:

To amplify the "wow" factor on the landing page, I implemented a hidden navbar that elegantly appears as users scroll down. The modified "sticky" header ensures easy navigation. I crafted a professional-looking contact form using WP Forms, seamlessly integrated into the site's aesthetics.

Challenges and Solutions:

The project presented challenges, including the integration of a complex parallax effect that, while not making the final cut, enriched my understanding of WordPress and Elementor Pro. Adapting to an ongoing project, I navigated the intricacies of overriding existing elements, ensuring a cohesive transition without sacrificing crucial information.

Client Satisfaction and Referrals:

Jeannine expressed satisfaction with the revamped site, a sentiment reflected in her referrals of other colleagues seeking website assistance. The live site, accessible at stands testament to the collaborative success.

Embarking on the redesign of Jeannine Marie Photography's professional site was a captivating journey that aimed to elevate her online presence and enhance the overall user experience. As a seasoned wedding photographer, Jeannine's work spoke volumes, but her existing site needed a modern touch to align with industry standards.

Project Overview:

Jeannine Marie Photography's site demanded a revamp, with outdated elements and navigation challenges hindering the user experience. My goal was to create a sophisticated portfolio site that showcased Jeannine's work, housed a blog, answered client queries, and facilitated easy communication.

Role and Responsibilities:

In this multifaceted role, I donned the hats of a designer, developer, and project manager. Leveraging Elementor Pro and existing branding, I transformed the site, focusing on modernizing animations and improving UX. While part of the groundwork was laid, I navigated complexities to seamlessly integrate enhancements.

Business Organization Learnings:

The lengthy project duration provided insights into business organization, prompting the refinement of communication strategies and contractual arrangements. Lessons learned paved the way for a thorough client packet, ensuring streamlined communication and project progression.

Looking Ahead:

This project not only contributed to the refinement of my design and development skills but also enriched my business management acumen. Moving forward, I am equipped to deliver not only visually stunning websites but also a smooth and well-organized client experience. If you're considering a website revamp or creation, I look forward to bringing your vision to life with a touch of professionalism and creativity.

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