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Design Principles and Branding:

Opting for a simple yet effective design, I chose green as the primary color, symbolizing plant sciences. The flip cards employed a vibrant spectrum to simulate the light spectrum used in the client's research. Vertical symmetry and balance, along with unity from top to bottom, ensured a cohesive and visually appealing layout.

Challenges and Solutions: 

Navigating the complexities of Webflow, I faced challenges in creating custom animations for the flip cards. This involved structuring two distinct divs for each side and synchronizing their movements for a seamless transition. Overcoming this challenge enhanced my efficiency in future projects. The lack of branding prompted the creation of a logo using Adobe Illustrator, featuring a simple vector icon of a snake plant combined with the client's initials.

Client Testimonial: 

“Haley creatively blended my professional background and my ideas about what I wanted in a website to develop something that is functional, aesthetic, and reflective of my business goals. She brought creative direction that elevated my original website plans and brought to life aspects I really wanted in a site. She curated design options for me which was helpful in navigating decisions along the way. Thanks Haley!”

This project was undertaken for a friend transitioning into consulting within her expertise while pursuing her dream job utilizing a Ph.D. in plant sciences. The Renner Consulting website aimed to serve as a portfolio and contact platform, showcasing her work and sample services in the absence of an established brand.

Project Overview: 

Renner Consulting required a comprehensive portfolio page featuring client work, contact information, and sample services. With no existing branding, the site was built from scratch, emphasizing a clean, professional design.

Role and Responsibilities: 

In the capacity of both designer and developer, I managed the project from ideation to execution. Utilizing Figma, I crafted wireframes and designs, with the development phase executed seamlessly in Webflow.

Lessons Learned: 

This project served as a pivotal learning experience, refining my design aesthetics and proficiency in Webflow. Reflecting on the project, I would enhance accessibility by increasing contrast on flip card icons and diversify the color palette for a more versatile and visually appealing design.

Visit the Live Site: 

Explore the Renner Consulting website at https://rennerhr.github.io/Renner-Consulting/.

Looking Ahead: 

Specializing in working with clients in the sciences, I bring over 15 years of experience in studying and teaching life sciences. My ability to communicate complex biological concepts to both specialized and general audiences positions me as an ideal collaborator for scientists seeking effective online representation. Let's work together to bring your scientific expertise to a broader audience!

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